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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August Meeting

Sharon handed out paper cones at the July meeting and challenged us to make something from one. Daisy is shown here holding her decorated cone with a pop-up doll inside.
Calendar Of Events 
August, Phoebe "Frog Prince" Exhibit at the Book Shop, on B Street in Hayward. This is perhaps the best one yet—be sure to see it!

August, Contemporary Art Exhibit, Richmond Art Center, featuring art by artists with disabilities—baskets, quilts, clay structures, etc. Go to for details. Closed on Mondays.

August 28, 29, 30, Annual Rummage Sale, Episcopal Church, 1700 Santa Clara, Alameda. 9 to 4 on Friday and Saturday; Noon to 3 on Sunday. This event is held at Daisy's church each year, and the treasures and bargains make this a "must attend" event. Sunday is super bargain day—you can get a bag full of wonderful things for only $2.

September 17, Phoebe Meeting, 6:30 P.M., Alameda County Office of Education, 313 W. Winton Ave, Hayward, CA. A Board meeting will be held before the meeting, starting a 6 P.M. The Tilda dolls, along with back stories and accessories, will be due at this meeting.

September 19 (Saturday), Barbara Redemer Doll Lecture, 10 A.M., Marin Needle Arts Guild meeting, Aldersgate United Methodist Church, 1 Wellbrock Heights, San Rafael (Terra Linda). Free admission.

September24, 25 and 26 (Thurs., Fri., Sat), Pleasanton Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival, Alameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasanton. Free admission.

October 3, Tinsel and Treasures Show, 10 A.M. to 4 P.M., Veterans Building, 400 Hartz Ave, Danville. Phoebe Sharon Martin will have fabulous items in her "My Little Friends" booth. 

October 3, Big Indoor Fall Flea Market, 8 A.M. to 1 P.M., Kenneth C. Aitken Senior & Community Center, 17800 Redwood Road, Castro Valley.

 November 7 and 8, Christmas Craft Show, 10 A.M. to 5 P.M., Goose Cottage, 1610 Minturn, Alameda. Phoebes and former Phoebes will have wonderful gifts and decorations for sale.
November 9 and 10, November 12 and 13, and November 16 and 17. Three Kate Church Workshops, 2-days each. Class space is limited to 8 people per class. Contact Daisy at for information.

November 21 (Saturday), Susan Else 3D Fabric Sculpture, 9 A.M. to 4 P.M., Marin Needle Arts Guild meeting, Aldersgate United Methodist Church, 1 Wellbrock Heights, San Rafael (Terra Linda). $35/$20 materials. She will be teaching quilting and collage techniques for creating fabric flowers, vines and leaves.

December, Phoebe Exhibit at the Book Shop, B Street, Hayward. Betts will be in charge. More information later.

January 2016, Phoebe Tilda Doll Exhibit at the Book Shop, B Street, Hayward. Sharon will be in charge.

January 21, 2016, Elinor Peace Baily "Me, Myself and I" Doll Workshop9 A.M. to 4 P.M. at the Education Building, Hayward. Contact Colleen at

Special Presentation
Bonnie has been so busy creating wonderful envelopes and decorating them with amazing embellishments... her specialty! She brought a big box of them to show us the endless possibilities. Many sizes and shapes... they can be used for greeting cards, notes, or gift cards. Thanks Bonnie—you always inspire us with your original ideas.
Cone Challenge
Here are photos of the results of the cone challenge that
was due at this meeting.
Above is a fun little red French dunce cap Betts made by covering her cone with fabric and upholstery trim.
Guest Diane Lapp, who also attended last month's meeting, made a decorative ring holder that cleverly hides under her decorated cone.
Harlene's cone holds a colorful doll with a very cute face and bright orange hair.
This is a close-up of Daisy's pop-up doll. She made the hair by cutting up mesh garlic bags and attaching the pieces to the head.
Linda also made a pop-up doll in a beautiful cone decorated with precisely cut paper trims, and then she made a stand to hold it—incorporating an old bed spring she found in her friend's yard.
Marjorie had downloaded a Tilda pattern from the Web and found it was really too small to use for her Tilda doll challenge. So, she used the body parts on the cone and made a lovely standing doll. 
Zanaib decorated two cones by adding tapa cloth, bark cloth, knitted trims, beads and fibers.
Show and Tell
Sally brought sheets of canvas fabric (above) she had painted with layers of colorful acrylics—some of which she will use to make lined purses. She also displayed the gorgeous large quilt she designed, which she is in the process of finishing.
Guest Diane Ladd has put so much work into these fabulous gifts for her cousin's daughters. Each canvas mesh cross stitched box contains a doll and an individual wardrobe of tiny outfits made just for it. And, she decorated the tops with beautiful Irish crochet and butterflies.
Above is a photo of the same style cast resin bird as the one Elizabeth purchased from California artist Joanne Callander and brought to the meeting. Joanne's amazing original works can be seen on her Web site.
We were all so happy that Judy was back from Florida and could join us for the meeting. Above is one of the beautiful necklaces she recently made from copper wire and beads. This one features the coiled wire buttons she so cleverly makes.
Rosie shared with us the very cute polymer figure Judy had made and given to her. Rosie definitely is a "Queen of Art."
For example, Rosie continues to make a multitude of Christmas decorations, many to be used as gifts this year. She brought some of the members of the choir to the previous meeting, but her favorites (and ours, too) are these adorable nuns. 
Marjorie has just completed a doll she made from a Barbara Willis pattern. What a beautiful job she did!
Marjorie has already completed two Tilda dolls for the January window display. These are examples of the "pleasantly plump" Tildas.
Linda has been making tassels and woven fiber cords. Above are some of the beautiful examples of tassels she has made using a loom made from a small photo mat. They have seed beads added to each strand.  
Harlene discovered these pretty filigree pieces to add to her latest necklace of beautiful beads.
Former Phoebe Shawn Dubin paid us a surprise visit. It was wonderful to see her latest art projects, including this colorful quilted vest she is making for herself.
Above is a "gazing ball" yard decoration Donna made at former Phoebe Shirley Herring's mosaic studio. Several Phoebes and former Phoebes attended and learned so much about materials and techniques from Shirley. They not only had fun, but were so pleased with the finished projects (see below).  
Below are three necklaces and a bracelet Donna strung after attending a bead show in Pleasanton and finding some great bargains on bead strings and pendants.
The pendant in the necklace above represents Kwan Yin, the Chinese goddess and protector of women.
And, Donna also brought a collage she made at one of the numerous art play days she held for her thirteen-year-old granddaughters. They made similar ones to hang in their bedrooms (see below).

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