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Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Phoebes window display at The Book Shop in Hayward was the most fabulous one yet!

Here are some photos from the December bookstore display:
Sharon, Stephanie and Kelly (the real Santa's helpers) were busy on Sunday, December 2, setting up the Phoebe window display at the bookstore on "B" Street in Hayward. They out-did themselves this year and the display is absolutely outstanding. As always, it is hard to take photos during the daylight hours, as there is so much reflection of buildings across the street on the window glass. However, these photos will give you some idea of just how adorable Santa's Workshop was this December.

Stephanie contributed her train set, which circled the Christmas tree. Her kitten doll and Zanaib's colorful lamb represented some of the toys in the workshop.

This elf worker (made by Jo) is taking a little much needed break from all the busy work that must be completed by Christmas Eve.

Another adorable elf is keeping busy making sure the toy makers have all the materials they need to finish the toys in time.

Santa is an equal opportunity employer, and you can be sure sure the female elves are a vintal part of the toy-making process! Mary did an outstanding job sculpting this one from clay.

Betts brought two of her toy inspectors to make sure all the toys are assembled correctly.

A quality control toy inspector carefully checks little lamb, and Donna's elf is double checking the list to make sure no child is overlooked.

Kelly's clay sculpted elf is sporting his new Christmas suspenders, while a toy inspector in his bunny slippers says the toy airplane is ready to be packed in the toy bag for Santa's sleigh.

Stephanie's sweet doll is going to make some little girl very happy this year. She is posing next to "The Night Before Christmas."

Phoebes Participate in the KPFA Crafts Fair 2012

A slightly different group of  Phoebes had a booth at the KPFA Crafts Fair at the Concourse in San Francisco on December 8 & 9. Once the booth was set up, everyone was in a hurry to beat the Friday afternoon traffic and head home. Some of my photos did not turn out and Suzanne's were slightly out of focus. However, these photos show some of the items not previously shown in the Fort Mason post. They give you an idea of what Phoebes and former Phoebes have been up to in the past months of preparation for the two shows.

Former long-time Phoebe Suzanne Duran displayed her amazing small dolls.

Here are two of Suzanne's "too cute" primitives and her adorable elf.
Donna Perry sold all but one of her fascinators.

Bonnie had a beautiful display of her hand-crafted pins.

This shows some of Stephanie's dolls, as well as her adorable animal ornaments, which were popular items.

Donna Perry displayed one of her newest dolls, "La Muse."

Another of Donna's dolls celebrated famous or influential women.

Donna also displayed fabric cuff bracelets with vintage costume jewelry embellishments.

This cuff Donna made from a vintage doily.

Phoebe Members Participate in Celebration of Craftswomen 2012

On November 24 and 25, former Phoebe Wanda Fudge organized a booth at the Celebration of Craftswomen show at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Phoebe members Mary Porter Vaughan, Zanaib Green, Kelly Mead, Bonnie Hoover, Stephanie Smith, and Donna Perry displayed dolls, as well as mixed media crafts.

Wanda's famous women series, complete with several Fridas, was a hit.

Bonnie's flat dolls, with her exquisite embellishments, were fabulous!
Bonnie's cloth doll was representative of her signature style.
Bonnie's two standing dolls on one base were so original and captivating.
Kelly's dolls, some with painted bodies, were primitive, yet feminine.

Kelly also displayed her famous tree toppers, and a very original mermaid.

A truly wonderful tree topper by Kelly.
Stephanie's sweet diminutive dolls were a sales success.

More of Stephanie adorable dolls—before they "flew out the door."