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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Leslie Molen Workshop Was Fabulous!

The Phoebes' Leslie Molen Workshop on January 23 and 24 was an
outstanding success. Leslie taught her two dolls, "Ling Li-Hua" and Chun Woo."
While the doll patterns were basically the same (maybe one was a little taller
than the other), the costumes were slightly different and the choice was ours.

The Phoebes were so thrilled to have Leslie agree to fly from Denver to San Leandro, CA to conduct her workshop on two of her dolls. Leslie was so much fun... she has a great sense of humor and she is such a thorough and amazing teacher. Almost everyone finished their dolls during the class, and every one of them turned out adorable. We love them!!! The highlights of the class were learning to hand-paint the eye balls on wooden beads and insert them into the cloth sculpted heads— and sculpting the too cute faces with the rose bud mouths. Thank you, Leslie, for this opportunity to meet you and to learn so much.

I believe sixteen people had signed up for the class. Two were unable to attend at the last minute,
so I think the attendance was ultimately 14.
Each artist's individual interpretation of the pattern was evident in their choices
of fabrics and embellishments. The hands and lower legs have wire armatures and
the dolls are weighted with shot for balance.
Each artist chose a different color palette for their doll. The woven cloth sculpted heads were
covered with a layer of knit and colored with pastels. Every doll looked like she was
so proud of her costume.
Each doll turned out to have her own personality and attitude. Every one was a work of art.

Leslie supplied the horse hair for the dolls. Some were braided, while others were not.
It was a fabulous two days for the Phoebes!
You can tell by Stephanie's smile how enjoyable the class was for all.
We owe Stephanie a great big thanks for making all the arrangements for
Leslie's trip and for making this workshop happen!

Colleen Patell and Christine Shively are seriously concentrating on making their dolls.
Leslie was surprised at how we gave her our undivided attention,
but we didn't want to miss a word she said.

After the class everyone was eager to photograph the line-up of dolls. All the proud "moms" are beaming as they take their pictures. It was truly amazing how darn cute those dolls
looked standing next to each other.

Time To Get To Work—We Have A Busy Year Ahead Of Us!

On January 16, the Phoebes held their first work day to make dresses for
"Dress a Girl Around the World." These are the dresses that were completed during the first workshop, but many more kits were put together to be sewn up by others.
Colleen introduced us all to this wonderful organization "Dress a Girl Around the World," that collects donations of pillow case dresses and ships them to girls around the globe who have no other opportunity to obtain one nice dress. Some have gone to Africa, the Philippines, Haiti, as well as other equally deserving areas. The Phoebes have adopted this outreach project and will be actively participating this year. Our goal is to donate at least 35 dresses.  Let's all do our part!

Calendar of Events for 2014

Now through January 31 , Sally Lampi Painting Exhibit. Sally currently has her paintings on display in the B Street Book Shop window this month. Stop by to see her work, which was also recently featured at an exhibit at the Hayward Library.

Now through March 8, Alta Bates Hospital Doll and Painting Exhibit. Come and see the dolls exhibited by a group of Phoebes and former Phoebes—Daisy Kiehn, Suzanne Duran, Wanda Fudge, Donna Perry, Laurie Scott, Stephanie Smith, Zanaib Green, Kelly Mead, Bonnie Hoover and Mary Porter Vaughan.  This is the group's second Alta Bates exhibit with dolls staged in beautiful Plexiglas boxes. Colorful paintings by artists Heidi Shonkoff and Em Herstein will also be on display for viewing.

February 8, Red and White Charity Quilt Show, 3 to 7 P.M., Civic Center Community Center, Walnut Creek, 1375 Civic Drive at North Broadway. 

February 15, Wooden Gate Quilts Doll Class by Gina Chang. The shop is located at 125-F Railroad Avenue in Danville. 

February 20, Phoebe Monthly Meeting, 6:30 P.M., Alameda County Office of Education, 313 W. Winton, Hayward. Enrichment will be presented by Sally, who will be sharing her clever methods for displaying art in exhibits. The exchange will be both January and February 5"x7" postcards for Italy and Morocco.

March 20, Phoebe Monthly Meeting, 6:30 P.M., Alameda County Office of Education, 313 W. Winton, Hayward. The mystery kit challenge is due this meeting. Kits have been handed out and you are asked to use at least one item. Use more or all if you can. Contact Mary at if you don't have a kit and would like to participate. We will also be having our Easter Parade. Bring one of your dolls and wear something that matches something on your doll. Stephanie will be presenting "All About Me." The postcard exchange theme is "France."
April 1 through 30, Zanaib's Altered Book Display celebrating the 54th anniversary of the B Street Book Shop in Hayward. Many Phoebes are participating and while the original goal was 54 books, many more are expected to be on display.

April 20, Phoebe Monthly Meeting, 6:30 P.M., Alameda County Office of Education, 313 W. Winton, Hayward. The Exchange is a "Mexico" themed postcard.

April 26 and 27, Betts Vidal "Frog Prince" Workshop, on a Saturday and Sunday, to be held at Always Quilting, 4230 Olympic, San Mateo (on the border of Belmont). Class is $80 with a $20 kit fee for members. Non-members pay $110 plus $25 kit fee. Contact Stephanie at to sign up.

June, Phoebe Alameda County Fair Outreach Day, Date to be determined. Each Phoebe is requested to make at least 25 stump dolls for this event, or donate push-mold polymer faces. Start going through your cotton stash for colorful doll fabric, and also for glitzy embellishments if you have any you would like to donate.

July 7 through 11, Lisa Lichtenfeld Workshop, Boy Scouts Building, San Leandro. Class limit is 18 students. Members cost is $250 plus a kit fee. Non-members/$350 plus kit fee. Contact Stephanie at  

September 2014, Phoebe Doll Exhibit at the Castro Valley Library. Date to be determined. Each Phoebe is asked to make their original interpretation of the Nola Hart cloth doll pattern (you may enlarge or scale it down a maximum of 10%). You may also submit other dolls you have made. Dolls will be due in August.

Phoebe January 2014 Meeting "Show and Tell"

Betts Vidal's April 26-27 workshop will be on the "Frog Prince," determined by
vote at the January meeting. While the "High Maintenance Fairy" lost
the vote this time, there were many Phoebes who would love to learn to make her, too.
We are hoping Betts will teach her at a later date!

Show and Tell

Zanaib's friend Kimberly Mayfield Lynch is pictured
wearing Zanaib's latest hit creations... crocheted "crown" head wraps. The word has spread,
and Zanaib is overwhelmed by orders.
Here is a close-up view of one of Zanaib's crowns.

Zanaib never runs out of ideas... she is amazing. Each crown is an original work of art.

VonZetta made the long trip from Los Banos to join us at the meeting.
We were all overjoyed to see her. We hope to see her more often. She brought with her
the colorful Steelers quilt she has just completed.

Tani made a doll with amazing joints and beautiful, colorful
hair made with eyelash yarn.

This is detailed view of the lovely vest Harlene made and
embellished with yoyo flowers made from men's tie fabrics.

Guest Katie B brought several wonderful items to show us. This was an carved-out altered book,
originally a Readers Digest volume. What a lot of work!
Elizabeth impressed us all with this beautifully sculpted and painted
African mask. She is so talented and creates such amazing
figures and forms from clay.

Another original and wonderful cloth sculpture by Daisy. This one features fabric on which
Daisy printed her own drawings. It is mind-bending that Daisy can create
so many pieces in a single year. Inspiring to us all!

This is the colorful "Wacky Women" friendship altered book Colleen brought for all of us to see.

The inside is just a wonderful as the outside.
A beautiful and creative collaboration by artistic friends.

Pame's ornaments are truly amazing. If you thought last month's pig was great, check these out!

Donna's altered book creation is destined for The Book Shop window display.
This was made before Christine's altered book workshop, but you can see the Donna's
class book in the upper right, also for the window display.

This altered and assembled figure is, of course, the creation of Anne Klocko.
As are the figures seen the in following photos. Talk about prolific! These photos
represent only a portion of the ones she brought to show and tell.
No wonder she is such a well-known and successful artist. 

Totally amazing!!!!