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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Phoebe Christmas Party was a Blast!

 Betts, Sally and their crew did a fantastic job putting up the annual
December Phoebe window display at The Book Shop on B Street in Hayward.
This year's theme was "Under the Christmas Tree."
Calendar of Events for 2014

January , Sally Lampi Painting Exhibit. Sally will have her art on display in the Book Shop window during the month of January. Stop by to see her work, recently featured at an exhibit at the Hayward Library.

January 12 through March 8, Alta Bates Hospital Doll and Painting Exhibit. Come and see the dolls exhibited by a group of Phoebes and former Phoebes—Daisy Kiehn, Suzanne Duran, Wanda Fudge, Donna Perry, Laurie Scott, Stephanie Smith, Zanaib Green, Kelly Mead, Bonnie Hoover and Mary Porter Vaughan.  This is the group's second Alta Bates exhibit with dolls staged in beautiful Plexiglas boxes. Colorful paintings by artists Heidi Shonkoff and Em Herstein will also be on display for viewing.

January 23 and 24, Rescheduled Leslie Molen Workshop, (Thursday and Friday). 9 A.M., Boy Scouts Building, 1001Davis Street, San Leandro. Bring $39.50 kit fee, payable to Leslie Molen.
April, 2014, Zanaib's Altered Book Display at the B Street Book Shop in Hayward. Many Phoebes participating.

July 7 through 11, Lisa Lichtenfeld Workshop, Boy Scouts Building, San Leandro.

The Phoebe Christmas Party took place on December 12 at the Education Building in Hayward. The highlight of the evening was the gift exchange. Names had been drawn and for months Phoebes were busy creating handmade works of art. All that hard work paid off... everyone seemed genuinely thrilled and amazed by the fabulous gifts they received.

 President Zanaib is modeling her fantastic necklace made especially for her by Bonnie Hoover.
Zanaib's necklace features those wonderful embellishments Bonnie is famous for... ones that have been featured on her cloth and flat dolls which have been published in numerous magazines.
Rosie loved the spoon doll with the polymer clay face, cleverly crafted by Kelly.
Kelly's spoon elves have been a hit at the Celebration of Craftswomen show at Fort Mason in San Francisco. They make such cute Christmas ornaments.

Tani proudly shows off her exquisite butterfly pin made by Harlene.
As you can see below, the detail and craftsmanship is amazing.

Mary opened her gift and found the most adorable clay pig ornament fashioned by Pame Rose.

He was a pig made to steal your heart. Pame modeled him over a glass ornament and he was
ready to be hung on Mary's Christmas tree. Just look at that face!!!

 Harlene eagerly opened her present, and she found....
an altered glass bottle containing pearls and embellished with sea shells, charms,
vintage jewelry, and dyed lace and cheesecloth that looked like sea moss.

Suzanne admires her mother and child cat dolls... original cloth sculpts by Daisy
Daisy is always a wealth of original ideas and can draft a pattern for every one of them!

Donna was thrilled with the adorable frog Marcella made for her. Marcella also drafted
her own original pattern and it turned out perfect.

Sharon opened a very beautiful French paper collaged box and found...

a clay sculpted doll head dressed in vintage lace made by Elizabeth.

Kelly was all smiles as she displayed the bird ornament Rosie designed just for her.
It is adorable!!!

Stephanie is looking through the amazing collage book Zanaib assembled.

Here is a close-up of some of the intricate details added to every
page of Stephanie's book.

Daisy admires the colorful shopping bag she received.

Here is a close-up of Daisy's bag.
There were so many delicious choices on the buffet table...
thank you everyone for your wonderful potluck dishes!

Elizabeth loved the goddess pin Mary made for her. It was a scale model
of Mary's goddess dolls that are a big success at her art shows.
Anne Klocko treated us to a trunk show of her latest altered and assembled
dolls made with various vintage tins and her sculpted cute, whimsical ceramic doll heads.
Her work is perfection
Here is a sample photo off the Web of the pillow case dress the Phoebes will be making in
the workshop on the 16th.
Sally Lampi is standing next to her original watercolors at her recent
exhibition in the Hayward Library. Whimsical figures and birds brought smiles to
viewers faces. Sally has such a wonderful sense of humor.

Just received the photo of the cute Easter Bunny ornament
Judy Fleck made for one of the domes Rosie taught us to assemble
for Halloween. The holiday ideas for this project are endless.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



Photos from the November Meeting
Show and Tell

Rosie brought creations her grandsons have made during their visits. The three stump dolls
are beautifully displayed in a shadowbox designed by Rosie.

Rosie also brought several of her latest bell jar
ornaments. This one contains two skaters.

This ornament features two tiny figures
on a sled. So cute!

Suzanne R. displayed a darling curly-headed
doll. Love her sense of color.

Suzanne also brought this Santa for
the book store window display next month.

Prolific Zanaib always amazes us with a wealth of
items she completes each month... while working
full time at her day job!

This is a close up of some of her paper ornaments
made from book pages.

More of Zanaib's ornaments and her fiber necklaces.
Zanaib will be the featured artist for the book store
window in February. She has invited Phoebes and
friends to contribute altered books, and thanks to
Christine Delgadillo's October workshop,
many fabulous items will be on display.
The deadline for submitting books is January 15.

Sally brought to the meeting all the items we needed to make
button flowers for our "make and take." The stems can be
wrapped with floral tape and leaves may be added to make
a button bouquet.

Marcella brought examples from her collection of doll pins, some
made by well-known artists, including the late Susanna Oroyan.

Elizabeth never ceases to amaze us with her creativity.
Her zombie ballerina for the window display is based
on a character from the children's book, Zombelina.
Who knew Zombie's could be so adorable!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving



Suzanne, Mary and Stephanie are hard at work on their books. There was
100% positive feedback after the class was over... everyone had such a great time
and we all learned so much!

Pame Rose works so fast, she finished most of her
altered book before the class was over.

Christine brought one of her completed books as an example.
She was so generous with the items she supplied in the class kit. And,
she brought many other wonderful items which we could and eagerly did purchase.

Daisy and Ophelia are hard at work... everyone loved the class so
much and were so focused on the project, there was hardly any talking.

Monday, September 30, 2013

October Updates

Let's get into the spirit and wear some Halloween attire to the Phoebe meeting on October 17.
Maybe a hat, maybe a pin, a mask, or maybe a costume...
if you dare!


Pame Rose has taken some time off from work and has immersed
herself in her art. Here are a few of the wonderful collages
she has been working on.

Pame also brought her sculpted clay winged figure.

Bonnie Hoover treated us to her newest flat doll made from
hand quilted fabric.

Suzanne Rudisill made another of her black, white and red cloth
dolls. Such ad cute face and striking costume.

Elizabeth Burchfield brought her latest fabulous creations...
tiny zombie babies!

Diane Willis showed us the bear she reworked by adding a molded clay head.

Sharon Martin has been working hard making beautiful items for the
Tinsel and Treasures Show on October 5 in Danville.

Stephanie Smith made another tiny, adorable cloth doll
with coiled yarn curls.