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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November Phoebe Meeting

A featured event of the meeting was enrichment presented by Jennifer (left rear). Geri, Marcella and Caroline were among the first to try out the collage techniques.

Calendar Of Events 

January 2017, Emily Devoran's "Wacky Baskets" Workshop.

January 19 (Thursday), "Phoebe Meeting," 6:30 P.M. at the Alameda Education Building, Hayward. Bring all the wonderful things you have made to show and tell.

January 22 (Sunday), "Antique Faire" at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds. Vendors from Alameda Point and others will be participating. Free admission, fairground parking $10. 

February 13, 2017 (Monday), Sally Lampi "Imaginary Characters" Collage Workshop.

March 4, "Phoebe Make It and Take It" at the Castro Valley Library. We will also be displaying our notion dolls in the display case during the entire month. Make sure you have at least one completed before March.

April 20, Melissa Tereck" Tiny Houses" Paper Clay Workshop.

Caroline, Daisy, Harlene, Marjorie, Geri and Jennifer are shown collaging ephemera items Jennifer supplied for us to use. Thank you, Jennifer for all the information. It will be especially helpful to those who will be taking Sally's workshop in February.

Apron and Paper Napkin Challenges

A year-long challenge was to make an apron and the challenge from last meeting was to make something from the paper napkins we all brought to share. Daisy cleverly combined both challenges by making a paper napkin apron.

Zanaib, the Queen of Greeting Cards, used napkins, as well as other colorful papers, to make many more of her lovely cards.

Geri is also known for her fabulous greeting cards, and above of some of her creations—including one that is an apron with tiny tools in the pocket. Lucky are the people receiving cards from Zanaib and Geri. I'm sure their cards are appreciated, kept and treasured.

Marcella combined paper napkins and vintage pattern envelopes to make beautiful art. She also brought an exquisite apron (below) she had once made for her mother-in-law, who felt it was too beautiful to use. So, after her mother-in-law passed away, Marcella ended up inheriting it!

Mary made a very cute apron from two dish towels she had purchased. She added colorful twill tape which she sewed on with variegated thread. She generously donated it to the evenings raffle. Thanks, Mary.

Bonnie brought an apron she had made many years ago. Clearly too beautiful to wear as an apron, this object d'art features piecework, vintage lace and trims, thread spools, and many beautiful embellishments.

Show and Tell

Bonnie brought this wonderful angel to add to the bookstore display in December. Perfect!

And Bonnie shared this amazing appliqued and stitched square.

Linda finished her "Frowning Frances" Banshee, which we all admired. She made the very clever stand from a doll base and painted thread spools.

And, she also completed a doll from the Christine Shively workshop, which is destined to become a part of the Christmas window display.

Marjorie's adorable witch was made from another Susan Barmore pattern. Wonderful face painting!

And, Marjorie also completed another Barmore pattern doll. This wonderful girl is seen holding a miniature Ouija Board.

Sally brought several of her latest paintings, which combine paper collage and watercolor painting. She even inspired the members of her watercolor painting class to try it, and they loved it!

Sally collaged some of her paper napkins with floral motif's for the flowers on the left and then painted the face with watercolors. Many of us can't wait to try this technique. After the holidays? At Sally's workshop? Looking forward to it!

Donna has been busy making items for the Olive Hyde Christmas Show, including necklaces, earrings and dolls. The doll above is one of several inspired by Christine Shively's workshop. The two shown below are made by mounting similar stuffed fabric heads, arms and torsos onto large paper industrial thread cones.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October Meeting

Sally brought these dolls to show and tell to demonstrate some of the ways her watercolor/collage paintings can be used other than just wall art or cards. Sign up for her "Imaginary Characters" workshop to be held in January 2017, and you, too, will learn her wonderful techniques to create your own original works of art.

Calendar Of Events 

Now through November 19, Olive Hyde's "Textile Exhibition," 123 Washington Ave., Fremont. Featuring the Northern California/Northern Nevada regional group of Studio Art Quilt Associates.

November 4 and 5, (Friday 5 P.M. to 8 P.M., Saturday 9 A.M. to 3 P.M.), Castro Valley Women's Club 4th Annual Holiday Boutique, 18330 Redwood Rd., Castro Valley. Harlene will be participating.

November 5, Saturday, Doll and Teddy Bear Show and Sale, 9:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M., Family Community Church, 478 Piercy Rd., San Jose.

November 5, Saturday, Patchwork Show Modern Makers Festival, 11 A.M. to 5 P.M., Jack London Square, Broadway at Water St., Oakland. Free.

November 12, 13, Sat. and Sun., BABE Bead Show, Oakland Mariott Hotel, 10th and Broadway.

November 17, Thursday, Phoebe Meeting at 6:30 to 9:15 P.M., Alameda Education Building, Hayward. Aprons will be due, as well as something you made from the paper napkin handout in October. And, dolls or other small items for the book store December display will be collected.

November 18, 19 and 20, San Mateo Christmas Cash and Carry Gift Show "Gifts to Go!," San Mateo County Event Center, 1346 Saratoga Dr., San Mateo. 

November 20, Sunday, Antique Fair, Alameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasanton. Many vendors from Alameda Point and others plan to participate in this new event, scheduled for the 3rd Sunday of each month.

December, Phoebe Exhibit at The Book Shop, B Street, Hayward. Barbara, Betts and Sally will be creating a Winter Wonderland scene with gingerbread houses. They are asking for small items you have made for gifts under the tree and /or dolls no taller than 12" sitting or standing (must stand on their own or have a seat/chair that is attached).

December 2 and 3, Friday and Saturday, 13th Annual Creekside Craft Show11 A.M. to 7 P.M. (5 P.M. Saturday), Creekside Community Church, 951 MacArthur Blvd., San Leandro. Harlene will be participating. Free admission

December 3 and 4, Saturday and Sunday, 34th Annual Holiday for the Arts Show10 A.M. to 5 P.M., Olive Hyde Art Gallery, 123 Washington Ave., Fremont. Donna and Harlene will be participating. Free admission

December 17 and 18, KPFA Winter Crafts FairCraneway Pavilion, Richmond Marina. 200 booths of original work in all media/festive food/entertainment/free parking and shuttle from the Richmond Bart Station. Some of us went to the summer event and it was fabulous!!

January 2017, Emily Devoran "Wacky Baskets" Workshop.

February 13, 2017 (Monday), Sally Lampi "Imaginary Characters" Collage Workshop.

April 20, Melissa Tereck"Tiny Houses" Paper Clay Workshop.

Elizabeth brought her skill and expertise to the meeting and shared it with all during her polymer clay enrichment presentation. So much information on materials, techniques and possibilities. Thank you, Elizabeth!

Lucky winners were able to take home dolls and other items from this month's raffle. A big thanks to all have donated items each month, especially Judy, who has contributed many items as she clears her lake house in preparation for it's sale. However, when that occurs she will no longer be bi-coastal and will reside in Florida. We wish to thank her for all those wonderful postcards she produced over the years, and we will miss her, but hope she will drop by a meeting if she is ever out this way on a visit.

Show and Tell
Shawn has been very busy following her passion—quilting. She displayed two of her most recent creations. This one expresses her sentiments and opinions regarding the presidential campaign underway.

Behind Shawn is another of her new quilts, this one featuring "Sunbonnet Sue" motifs she acquired from the Phoebe "share" table.

Joe has recently finished a new quilt with vintage-inspired printed fabric in lovely pastels.  

And, the photos above and below show the doll Jo completed after taking Akira Blount's workshop some time ago. Love the color pallet and the embellishments! We all have fond memories from that workshop, and agree the world has lost a truly great artist due to Akira's untimely death. 

Our "Frowning Francis" doll painting day led by Daisy on October 10 was well attended. We purchased Susan Barmore patterns and assembled them in advance. Daisy tutored in various painting techniques and then we took the dolls home to embellish. There is a lot of time and work involved in the completion of each, and we look forward to seeing them as they are brought to future meetings. The photos below are the first to appear.

Colleen's Steampunk Crow is almost complete. Love the gears and the snappy black and white cap. The birds are made from muslin and painted with acrylics.

Donna's is mounted on a paper box stand and features a leather cap.

Donna really got into the process and also made up the cardinal pattern, which has wings made from painted craft foam. The beak and thighs are from paper clay.

Geri finished her Kate Church workshop doll, crowned with an elf hat made from a dried gourd top from her garden. Wonderful facial expression!

Mary also took another Kate Church workshop recently. This doll is riding on a bunny made from cuddly white chenille. 

Marcella brought a doll she once made in a Marsha Elam workshop.
And, she also shared the completed gnome she made in a more recent felted doll workshop.

Suzanne is finished with her "Charlotte" doll from her Sondra Von Berg class. Named after Charlotte's Web, she now has her spider and the spider's web. And... her really cute glasses!

New member Jennifer brought one of her mixed media collages. The background is a paper collage, very similar to what we will be doing with the paper napkins we received at this meeting. Our finished creations will be due at the November meeting.