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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August Frog Prince Display at The Book Shop in Hayward

I hope everyone will have had the opportunity to visit our window display before it comes down on August 31. As usual, it is very difficult to photograph due to the reflection on the window glass. These photos do not do justice to the intricate display of mirrored ponds, lily pads, and plants that complete the scene.

All the Frog Princes were made from Betts Vidal's pattern. She has taught two workshops on this doll to Phoebes over the years. Included in the display are frogs by present as well as former members. Each one is an original interpretation of the pattern by the maker.
The reactions of the viewers and customers of the shop have been amazing. People have insisted on leaving notes for us, stating which frog is their favorite, or complimenting the display. We owe a big thanks to Sharon and all of her team who did the set-up of this display and contributed items that helped complete the scene.

And, thanks to all of you who contributed your wonderful frogs!

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