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Friday, July 29, 2016

July Meeting features Enrichment by Bonnie Hoover

The highlight of the evening was the enrichment presentation given by Bonnie. She has been experimenting with several techniques using colored markers, alcohol, alcohol inks, various paints and melted crayons to achieve a huge variety of surface designs on paper and fabric.

She brought with her a large bulletin board brimming with examples of her experiments and invited us all to explore the endless possibilities. Thank you, Bonnie!

Calendar Of Events 

July 23 through September 25, Petaluma Doll Exhibit "Journeys Through Light and Dark: Dolls as Tellers of Stories," Petaluma Arts Center, 230 Lakeville St., Petaluma, CA 94952. This is a two-month invitation only and juried exhibit, and we are proud to be invited to participate as a club for the second time. Many internationally known doll makers will be exhibiting, as well as conducting workshops and other exciting events. Go to for more details.

August 13, noon to 1 P.M., Three Muses: elinor peace bailey, Barbara Willis, Anne Klocko," Petaluma Arts Center, 230 Lakeville St., Petaluma, CA 94952. There will be an indoor and outdoor trunk show following the presentation.

August 18, Thursday, Phoebe Meeting6:30 to 9:15 P.M., Alameda Education Building, Hayward. Bring your flower fairies from Barbara's workshop for show and tell. The new slate of officers for next year will be revealed at this meeting and voting will take place at the September meeting.

August 20 and 21 (Saturday and Sunday), Christine Shively "La Demoiselle de Fleur" Doll WorkshopPetaluma Arts Center, Petaluma, CA.

Sept. 3,4,5, Kings Mountain Art Fair, 13889 Skyline Blvd (Hwy 35), Woodside. Anne Klocko will be participating in this beautiful event situated in a lovely wooded natural environment.

September 13, Tuesday, Stichin' for Kids Workday, Alameda Education Building, Hayward. Bring your machines, patterns, fleece, fabric, ribbons, etc. and we'll work together to create wonderful new things to give the kids.

September 15, Thursday, Phoebe Meeting6:30 to 9:15 P.M., Alameda Education Building, Hayward. Three notions dolls will be due this month.

October 10 and 11, Sherry Goshen "Inspiration Doll" Workshop 9 A.M. to 4 P.M., Alameda Education Building, Hayward.

October 20, Thursday, Playday followed by the Phoebe Meeting at 6:30 to 9:15 P.M., Alameda Education Building, Hayward.

This Month's Challenge

Suzanne shows a completed "little blue dress" challenge item which was due at this month's meeting. See last month's post showing her challenge dress mounted on canvas with a red hat. Thank you Suzanne, Harlene, and Colleen for participating.

Show and Tell
Suzanne is a prolific quilter and she proudly showed us one of the three beautiful quilt tops she is in the process of completing.

And, Suzanne has been having fun making cute bags... the above one in a zebra print is a big hit at the Oakland Zoo where she volunteers as a docent.

Since taking Laurie's yoyo workshop, Sharon has been madly creating exquisite photo medallions to be added to items she is making for her holiday shows.

And she has been creating beautiful embossed polymer clay medallions for the same purpose.

Anne shared with us a part of her collection of Christie Silacci dolls, of which she is so fond.

Linda, the pincushion master, just completed these two adorable mushrooms.

Marcella brought some of the tiny dolls she bought at the recent KPFA Craft Show at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond. They were made by a young man from Kenya and have amazing tiny details incorporated into each one. She also showed us the butterfly pin Harlene made and gave to her as a thank you for some fabric she gave Harlene. The joys of sharing!

Above and below are photos of the beautiful hand-made favors Zanaib made for her aunt's 90th birthday celebration. They represent her aunt's favorite color, pink, and her love of Christmas represented by the ornament design.

Zanaib crocheted the yarn around the balls and she and her dear friend, Phoebe member Sherrye, who lives in Georgia, uniquely decorated each one to be "one of a  kind." Beautiful and meaningful keepsakes!

Mary recently took another Kate Church workshop and completed this miniature doll. The face, hands, feet and hat are beautifully sculpted and the costuming is perfection.

Daisy brought examples of another possibility for an outreach project. These felt finger puppets are being made for Syrian refugee children presently in Greece. The children use them to help communicate their stories of their arduous travels and frightening experiences to their peers and caring adults in a group setting. They take the dolls with them everywhere, and the dolls tell the stories of what they witness. 

Daisy also showed her five recently completed dolls on a stool. Each one features her signature "doodled" fabric.

Harlene has whipped together another amazing one-of-a-kind vest. This one is embellished with a floral pattern painstakingly cut from a vintage fabric and applied with hand stitching. Awesome!

Colleen has returned to mosaics and made this colorful gazing ball at Shirley's mosaic studio.

Rosie brought samples of the Altoid tin suitcases she and Donna worked on, to be used as accessories for the "Stichin' for Kids" dolls for the outreach project in Lafayette. I must confess, Rosie did most of the work. She has put so much time and effort into projects for this cause, like the little doll sandals shown below. They are adorable!

Phoebes Featured at Petaluma Doll Show

Below is a photo of the Phoebe display at the Petaluma Arts Center, which runs from July 23 through September 25, 2016. We feel honored to have been included in this show which features such well-known names as Toby and Wendy Froud, Kate Church, Stephanie Blythe, EJ Taylor, Christi Silacci, Christine Shively, elinor peace bailey, Marilyn Radzat and Barbara Redemer, to name only a few!

Our special thanks to Geri Olsen for the invitation to participate, and to our members Colleen Pattell and Anne Klocko who assisted in the installation.  Thanks, Colleen, for submitting these photos from the exhibit.

We hope you will be able to view the exhibit and also attend some of the special events associated with it. Please go to for additional information