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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Phoebes!

 And, Happy Halloween to All!
"Witchszd" by Cindy Urioste

Calendar of Events

October 1-7, Art and Soul Retreat, Portland, Ore.,

October 3 (Wednesday), Phoebe Board Meeting, 7 P.M., Sally’s

October 6 (Saturday), Eden Holiday Craft Show, Marina Community Center, 9 A.M. – 4 P.M., 15301 Wicks Blvd., San Leandro, Free. Asian, Country and Contemporary clothing, ornaments, jewelry, food and gifts.

October 11 (Thursday), Phoebe Workshop, Face Sculpting and Coloring Techniques, Barbara Willis, Boy Scouts Building, 1001 Davis St., San Leandro, 9 A.M. – 4 P.M.

October 13 (Saturday), Doll and Bear Show, 10:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M., Alameda Co. Fairgrounds, Pleasanton. Over 150 tables; $5 admission.
October 18 (Thursday), Phoebe Member/Associate Meeting, Alameda Co. Education Bldg, 313 W. Winton, Hayward. 6:30 P.M. The challenge is a handmade elf, bear or toy for the bookstore window display. The exchange is a mask—any size, any theme. Don’t miss this meeting! We’ll be celebrating the Phoebes 25th Anniversary and Halloween. You are invited to wear a Halloween costume, hat or mask to really get in the swing of it, but these are optional. New changes, new classes, new events have already been planned for next year. Hear all about it!

November 15 (Thursday), Phoebe Meeting, 6:30 P.M., Alameda Co. Education Bldg., 313 W. Winton, Hayward.

November 24 and  25 (Saturday and Sunday), Celebration of Craftswomen, Ft. Mason, S.F. Several Phoebes are will be selling dolls, bags, jewelry, ornaments and other mixed media items.

December 8 and 9, KPFA Crafts Show, The Concourse, 8th and Brannan, S.F. Several Phoebes are participating.

December 13, Phoebe Christmas Party. Details to come.

Next year’s dues are payable as of October 1st
This vintage table/chair set was discovered years ago at a garage sale. Recently I decided to prepare it for painting decoratively for a shower present. It is for our God-daughter, who is expecting a boy in November. This is the second painted Child's set I have done. Submitted by Rosie Dennis.

A great idea for Halloween trees made from brown paper bags. Submitted by Rosie Dennis. Go to for details.


An example of one of Bonnie Hoovers fabulous dolls!