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Monday, February 20, 2017

February Meeting News

Daisy (right) had challenged us last month to bring a small exchange creation celebrating "The Year of the Rooster" to the February meeting. Harlene, Jennifer, Carolyn, Sue, Marcella and Suzanne joined Daisy in responding to the challenge! See the Challenges and Exchanges section of this post for close-ups of some of these items.

Calendar Of Events 

March 4, "Phoebe Make It and Take It," 11 A.M. to 1 P.M., at the Castro Valley Library. Please arrive by 10:30 A.M. to assist with set-up. We will also be displaying our notion dolls in the display case during the entire month.

March 16, (Thursday), "Phoebe Meeting and Noodle Night," 6:30 P.M. at the Alameda Education Building, Hayward. Bring creations made with the fabric noodles you picked up at the January meeting. Also, bring a bit of your favorite pasta sauce (and a bit to share), plus anything else you would like to contribute. Noodles will be supplied and we will enjoy a dinner together.

April 20, Melissa Tereck" Tiny Houses" Paper Clay Workshop. Contact Colleen for more information.

May 7 (Sunday), Day Phoebe Meeting at Anne Klocko's House. She will be demonstrating the mille-fleur caning technique used with polymer clay and in decorative glass-making.

Sally Lampi "Imaginary Characters" Collage Workshop

On February 13 many of us met for Sally's collage workshop. Above are samples of Sally's work, which she has photographed and reprinted on greeting cards. Sally offered the workshop free to Phoebes, and not only supplied us with many free materials, but had so many other materials and tools for us to use. It was amazing and so immensely generous! We had a great time learning about surface painting, gelli printing, drawing faces, layering materials and transferring images. Thank you so much Sally for enriching our creative knowledge. Below are more samples exhibiting the techniques we learned.

Exchanges and Challenges

With wind and rain, and then more wind and rain, it has been difficult for members who come from far and wide to attend our events. The annual Christmas party had to be entirely cancelled this year. At the February meeting some members were finally able to connect and exchange their handmade Christmas gifts. Above is the cute ornament Zanaib received from Mary. Below are the two monster babies Geri received from Elizabeth.

Above is the really cute bag Jennifer received from Suzanne in the "Year of the Rooster" exchange. Below is the rooster Carolyn received from Daisy.

Above are examples of Zanaib's textured card experiment. She has used stencils, modeling paste, fabric, and a host of other embellishments to create various textured effects. So creative!

We had the apron challenge which was due at the end of last year. Some people finished theirs early, as seen in the photos of the November post. Others were inundated by the holidays, etc., but nevertheless did get them made. Above is Rosie's cute skull motif apron, handsomely modeled by her husband, Ron. What a hoot! Don't we all wish we had husbands who are so accommodating? Ron is certainly one in a million. Lucky Rosie!

Above is Donna 's apron... sorry, no cute male model available!

And, Donna finally finished the paper napkin challenge... making an assortment of greeting cards for family and friends, and some to be donated for Bonnie's Sunshine mailings.

Show and Tell

Bonnie brought a collection of items she has made using paint chips. Everything from tags, hanging art, and numerous embellishments. Very ingenious.

Bonnie also shared the blue batik fabric heart necklace she made. We were all intrigued by the scrunched tube neck cord. What a great idea!

Carolyn showed us her Mimi Wisner cloth doll she won at a raffle. Carolyn and her daughter, Jennifer, are extremely lucky at winning raffles! They have won several at Phoebes after joining only a few months ago.

We all loved Daisy's latest cloth-sculptured bird so much I think we have talked her  into teaching it at a workshop in July.

Geri displayed the exquisitely beautiful pressed flower cards she has been making. There has been some discussion about having a workshop or get-together to do this in the future. We should all think about drying some of the flowers in our yards and having Geri show us how she puts the cards together.

Geri has also been experimenting with card-making by incorporating fabric and bits of knitted yarn. It is always amazing to see the inspiration our members bring to this group.

Marcella was recently feted at a wonderful party celebrating her 90th birthday. Many Phoebes attended and Marcella shared with us a few of the hand-made gifts she received. Above is a gazing ball for her yard made by Suzanne. Below is a framed Raggedy Ann and Andy collage from Linda to add to her beloved collection!

Rosie brought one of her pipe cleaner tube necklaces she is currently working on. Can't wait to see it finished. Love the colors!

Sharon has been completed immersed in painted canvas collages lately, and will be conducting a class at the Cottage Jewel in Danville in the near future. She is also passionate about making yoyo necklaces out of silk and fine fabrics and embellishing them with photo prints, buttons, jewels and beads. She will be selling these at her holiday art shows next fall.

Sharon has also completed many more of her polymer clay embossed heart necklaces. We'll be seeing those at her shows, too.

Suzanne is so into mosaics, and we absolutely adore her latest whimsical "legs" piece.

In order to get a good close-up of the faces of Sue's polymer Winkin', Blinkin' and Nod figures, only the mast leading to the sail of her wooden shoe boat is showing. This is really a remarkable piece. Very talented lady!

And, Kudo's to another amazing Phoebe husband. Sue's husband, who is originally from Hawaii, accompanied her on the long drive to the meeting from their home in Cotati, and sat quietly in the corner weaving this Hawaiian chief's headdress. Two amazing artists in the family! Another wife to be envied!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

New Beginnings in 2017

On Thursday, January 19, preceding the evening meeting, Emily Devoran conducted her workshop, Wacky Baskets. The participants had great fun assembling mixed media items onto the plastic mesh supplied by Emily. Above are a few examples of the original creations.

Calendar Of Events 

February 13, 2017 (Monday), Sally Lampi "Imaginary Characters" Collage Workshop. 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. at the Education Building, Hayward. Free to members; contact Colleen or Sally for materials list.

February 16, (Thursday), "Phoebe Meeting," 6:30 P.M. at the Alameda Education Building, Hayward. Notion dolls for the March library display will be due. Zanaib will be presenting an enrichment segment at this meeting.

February 19 (Sunday), "Antique Faire" at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds. Vendors from Alameda Point and others will be participating. Free admission; fairground parking $10.

March 4, "Phoebe Make It and Take It" at the Castro Valley Library. We will also be displaying our notion dolls in the display case during the entire month. Make sure you have at least one completed for collection at the February meeting.

March 16, (Thursday), "Phoebe Meeting and Noodle Night," 6:30 P.M. at the Alameda Education Building, Hayward. Bring creations made with the fabric noodles you picked up at the January meeting. Also, bring some of your favorite pasta sauce. Noodles will be supplied and we will enjoy a dinner together.

April 20, Melissa Tereck" Tiny Houses" Paper Clay Workshop. Contact Colleen for more information.

January Workshop

This is a close-up of the basket Colleen is working on. We are looking forward to seeing the completed basket at a future meeting.

Above Shawn models a pink cat hat she made for the Women's March on Saturday. She is wearing a clever no-sew sleeveless wrap she made from a 2-yard piece of fabric. 

Above is another wonderful basket from the workshop. Marcella's, I think?

Christmas Gift Exchange

Our planned Christmas Party Potluck and Gift Exchange was rained out in December, so we celebrated Christmas at the January meeting. Thank you to Marjorie and Linda for decorating the food table, bring all the needed hospitality items, and arranging the food to be served. And, thanks to everyone for bringing such wonderfully delicious food!

Above is the beautiful metal sculpture that Zanaib especially made for Harlene, who we all know loves butterflies.

Daisy made this glamorous little lady in purple with a boa for Marcella.

Jennifer's gift for Marcella was an ingenious, tiny "Tina Turner" doll that dangles and spins.

Above is Anne's gift to Jennifer... one of her adorable polymer clay birds.

Show and Tell

For show and tell Anne brought a number of her latest ceramic assemblages. This absolutely amazing one is made from an old deconstructed bicycle seat. Brilliant!!!

And, below are photos of two of Anne's vintage tin dolls with ceramic heads. They are soooooo adorable!

Harlene finished her little witch made from her "Frowning Francis" pattern. She is adorable... just look at the cute face!

Colleen has completed a masterful quilt inspired by her trip to Ireland. A true work of art! And below is a sample from her latest artistic passion... fused glass. She is making a huge installation of these wisteria blossoms to hang on her backyard fence.

Daisy shared the three dolls she submitted to the Hoffman doll challenge in Houston. That particular show was the last one to include dolls in the Hoffman challenge. From now forward the challenge will only include quilts and clothing.

Above are some of the beautiful altered mixed media canvases Sharon has been working one. Each one demands a great deal of work...embossing designs with modeling paste and stencils, gluing on various objects, covering with gesso, repainting with various paints and patinas, and then adding even more embellishments. They are exquisite.

Zoe, the "needle lady," has been busy crocheting tiny Star Wars figures, knitting a whimsical frog hat, and making a notions doll using buttons.

And, Rosie has been madly continuing her current passion... making fabulous necklaces incorporating her seed bead edge stitching and dangles of beads and charms. They are all so wonderful!

Rosie brought some items that Judy Fleck had made, including a decorated Altoid tin and a collection of decorated tags.

Rosie also shared a delightful purse made from a cigar box and painted with a beautiful peacock that a friend gave her.