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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Highlight of the May Meeting was the Paper and Cloth Enrichment Presentation by Betts and Barbara

This is the "Flower Doll" Barbara will be teaching in July. Betts and Barbara awed us all at this month's meeting with an enrichment session featuring their fabulous dresses and flat dolls made from paper (Betts) and fabric (Barbara). See more photos below.

Calendar Of Events 

June 4/5 and 11/12, 2 weekends, East Bay Open Studios10 A.M. to 5 P.M., Goose Cottage, 1610 Minturn St., Alameda. A group of Phoebes are participating. Come and see their latest mixed media creations—mosaics,  figurative art, scarves, jewelry, fiber art, and garden totems and sculptures. 

June 16, Thursday, Phoebe Meeting6:30 to 9:15 P.M., Alameda Education Building, Hayward.

July 21, Thursday, Barbara Willis "Flower Doll" Workshop9 4 P.M., Alameda Education Building, Hayward.

July 21, Thursday, Phoebe Meeting6:30 to 9:15 P.M., Alameda Education Building, Hayward.

July 9 and 10, Palo Alto Clay and Glass Festival, Palo Alto Art Center, 1313 Newell Rd. Visit Anne Klocko in Booth 2.

July 23, Petaluma Doll Exhibit, Petaluma Arts Center, 230 Lakeville St., Petaluma, CA 94952. This is a two-month invitation only and juried exhibit, and we are proud to be invited to participate as a club for the second time. Many internationally known doll makers will be exhibiting, as well as conducting workshops and other exciting events. Our own Elinor Peace Bailey, Anne Klocko and Barbara Willis will have a trunk show on Aug. 13, and Christine Shively leads a workshop (see below). Go to for more details.

August 20 and 21 (Saturday and Sunday), Christine Shively "La Demoiselle de Fleur" Doll Workshop, Thursday, Petaluma Arts Center, Petaluma, CA.

Sept. 3,4,5, Kings Mountain Art Fair, 13889 Skyline Blvd (Hwy 35), Woodside. Anne Klocko will be participating in this beautiful event situated in a lovely wooded natural environment.

Enrichment by Betts and Barbara

Barbara and Betts brought many of their gorgeous creations to the meeting to delight and inspire us. Above is the beautiful framed keepsake dress Barbara made to celebrate and commemorate the birth of her granddaughter. 

She also brought the original dresses that demonstrate design elements on the pages of her published book "Cloth Doll Artistry."

While Betts and Barbara both work in fabric and paper, Barbara prefers fabric and Betts prefers paper. The photo above demonstrates beautiful fabric possibilities and the one below shows the dress Betts created from paper napkins. 


Our newest member, Sherrye, who lives in Georgia, sent her latest decorated pen for all to see. This is a monthly challenge going on throughout the year.

And, she sent her "noodle" fabric strip challenge dress. We all applaud Sherrye for her enthusiasm and for her participation in our challenges, even though she lives on the other side of the country!!

Dolls for Petaluma

Bonnie brought a number of her latest flat dolls, some of which she will be selling at the East Bay Open Studios in June, and others for Petaluma.

Bonnie has such a great eye for design and color, and as we have noted before, is an absolute master at creating innovative embellishments.

Daisy has created her most fabulous soft sculpture yet. This one to be exhibited in Petaluma. The turned fingers and thumbs on these figures are so tiny... amazing!

This very cute stump doll on a flower pot was made by Harlene. It features one of her favorite motifs... butterflies.

Elizabeth brought "Gus," her greedy goblin, to be included in the Petaluma show. Elizabeth is our inspiration for originality!

Tani's dolls for Petaluma are amazingly sculpted from cloth. Not only the faces, but the hands and feet are wonderful, too. Great job! 

Donna brought two of her original polymer dolls which have not been exhibited before. The were inspired by the sculpting techniques she learned in a Wendy Froud workshop.

Betts brought her exquisite "window box doll" that exhibits bits and pieces from her vintage stash.

Show and Tell

Marcella has been busy making yoyo ornaments and embellishments inspired by Laurie's workshop last month. Most of us are still busy making yoyos... it is so addicting and fun... and Laurie definitely lit a fire in us.

Suzanne brought a doll she had purchased some time ago, which serves as a good example of what can be made for the notion challenges this year. This doll's arms and legs feature buttons.

Donna brought a sample of the polymer mosaic frames and shrines she is making of the East Bay Open Studios event in June. And, some examples of the jewelry she is currently making.

She will include some mixed media necklaces and earrings in  the exhibit and sale. Yes... there is a yoyo involved in the one above!

The long beads in the earrings above are Victorian rolled paper beads which are then sprinkled with glitter and metallic powders and sealed with heat melted embossing powder.