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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

July Phoebe Meeting

The highlight of the meeting was the enrichment segment led by Sally, who demonstrated how we can reproduce our art using a printer and a variety of purchased blank adhesive labels, sheets, shapes and fabric, and the endless number of ways we can utilize these prints as embellishments on collage, greeting cards, business cards, file folders, clothing and accessories, etc. Gelli prints can be decorated with inks, stamping, drawings and doodles, along with layers of other mixed media, and then copied, cut up, and reused over and over on other projects. As Sally's enthusiasm and excitement increased, it was infectious, and by the end of her presentation we were all eager to go home and try out the many possibilities. Thank you, Sally!
Calendar of Events 

July 27, (Saturday), 10 A.M., Remembering Mary  has been changed to August 17. It will be held at Siempre Verde Park, 455 Park St., San Leandro. Time and details yet to be determined.

August 17, (Saturday), 1 to 4 P.M., Phoebe Meeting at Marcella's.

September 14, (Saturday), 10 A.M. to 4 P.M., Phoebe Meeting at Marcella's. This will be an activity event with three activities to participate in: fabric origami (Harlene); how to wire tins (Anne); book binding (Jennifer). The shoe challenge will be due. Create anything that includes a "shoe." Please bring a bag lunch.

October 12, (Saturday), 1 to 4 P.M., Phoebe Meeting at Christ Episcopal Church in Alameda (time to be determined). This will be our annual potluck/gift exchange to celebrate the Phoebes' anniversary. Bring a sweet or savory dish to share, and, or course, your gift for the exchange. 

November 9, (Saturday), 1 to 4 P.M., Phoebe Meeting at Colleen's. Harlene will offer enrichment.

Flat Doll Challenge
The challenge due this month was inspired by Bonnie's flat dolls like the two shown below. We were given a variety of shapes which could be incorporated, but any type or style of doll using any type of material was acceptable. As you can see, Bonnie is the master when it comes to designing these!

Colleen used her ingenuity and skill in fusing to make her flat dolls from glass. While the details are difficult see in this low light setting, they are exquisitely formed by fusing many small shards of glass into two dancing figures. 
Daisy's flat doll is a delight of colored and patterned scrapbook papers and is fastened together by star-shaped brads, which also serve as eyes and mouth. 
Donna brought some of the many flat dolls she has made since becoming a Phoebe. Above are "Queen of Hearts and Tarts" she made after taking Betts' workshop a few years ago. They feature a reveal when the dresses are removed to expose their fancy lingerie.

Above is another use of Betts' pattern and a dress form from Barbara's workshop.
Above are two dolls made from tins in Rosie's wonderful stash. Various tin cannisters, cookie tins, etc. were carefully cut into shapes and assembled with jump rings.
And, above are Cher and Tina Turner, the first flat dolls she made, using her own pattern.
Elizabeth made this adorable little batman. If you look carefully, you can see his wings. He is made from layers of cut felt, and is so cute! 
Harlene created these beautiful dolls using some of the shapes supplied by Bonnie. Then she fashioned lovely floral embellishments for a finishing touch. The color combinations are wonderful!
And, she went on the make these two angels from flattened cardboard paper towel rolls, to which she added fabrics and trims. The sweet faces are made from polymer clay. 
Jennifer's lovely redhead is precisely cut from cardboard and skillfully dressed in layers of fabric. Tiny buttons accent the bodice.
 Jennifer and her mother, Caroline, are working to finish their flat fabric dolls. The wings and body are layers of fabric and tulle beautifully quilted together. Love the whimsical body shape!  

Marcella delighted us all with her little man in a suit and cap. His face is modeled from polymer clay and he opens up for a great reveal. See below.
He is on a cord and can be worn as a necklace. And, now we see his kind heart!
Zanaib's flat doll is a combination of lovely shapes of cardboard covered with beautiful foiled decorative paper. The sparkle of jewels and glittered tulle are the perfect embellishments. 
Anne's flat doll was made in her favorite art
 medium—ceramics. This little darling is all a-twirl with happiness.
Show and Tell
Anne bought another of her recent ceramic creations for show and tell. This cute little man will join many other pieces when Anne participates in the art show at Fort Mason next month. We are sure it will once again be a great success.
This doll was one of several brought to the meeting by our newest Phoebe member, Christofer. This one was made with crochet work over a wire armature and has polymer sculpted hands, feet and head. The hair is trimmings from Christofer's real hair! 
This sweet little polymer man is another example of Christofer's doll-making skills. She is an experienced mixed media artist who especially loves to make jewelry. We are so delighted you have joined the Phoebes, Christofer, and we look forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations!
Colleen wowed us with this fused glass creation, which is destined to be a pin. It even has bits of eyelash yarn fibers incorporated into it. 
And Daisy continues her love affair with birds. These adorable owls are only a few of the many she has been making these days. They are a happy, colorful group, So cute and loveable in return. 
Donna finally finished this UFO, a framed tin box containing a Freda Kahlo photo. It is made from a reversed stretched canvas with acrylic-painted embossed polymer tiles glued to the back of the stretcher frames.
Elizabeth amazed us again with her sculpting skills. She sculped this camel head from clay and made a mold, which she used to cast this piece from poured ceramic. It is hollow in the center. She is planning to embellish it with all the wonderful fringes, medallions and jewels found on camels in the Mid-East. She will also add some paint and shading to finish the face. Can't wait to see the completion!
Jennifer has been having great fun collecting candy bags and laminating them with fused vinyl on the top. She adds a little quilt batting to the back and quilts them, before cutting and sewing them into little zippered bags. What a novel idea!
Here is another type she made with a see-through window. This one serves to hold art supplies for traveling. 
 And Suzanne has once again created a fabulous mosaic piece, this one featuring tiny houses. It turned out so successful, there is a new series in the works! You go, girl!

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