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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Happy 31st Birthday Phoebes!

The phoebes were delighted to see elinor peace bailey arrive at our birthday celebration. She happened to be in town and brought with her some very special creations she recently completed. (see photos below) 

Calendar Of Events 

November 11, (Sunday), Phoebe Day Meeting, (1 to 4:30 P.M.), at Marcella's Home. We are not meeting at ReCrafter's after all!

November 15, (Thursday), Leslie Keeble's "Diminutive Frida" Doll Workshop, (9 to 4 P.M.), at Michael's at Union Landing.

There will not be a Phoebe meeting in December. Wishing a very special Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

A Special Visit with Elinor

The four photos in this section are of the objects elinor made for Barbara Kobe's recently published book. The one above is "the guardian." It is a figure richly embellished with items representing meaningful events and persons instrumental in shaping elinor's life journey. The photo in the box is of her beloved late husband.

Daisy is holding a quilted piece. which like the pieces below, represent emotions, values and beliefs that are most important to Elinor, such as love and kindness. In elinor's own words, "her cup runneth over."

Yearly Gift Exchange

In celebration of 31 glorious years of Phoebe creation, inspiration, and fellowship, we had a potluck dinner at Christ Episcopal Church in Alameda. Thank you everyone for your delicious dishes. Members exchanged names and brought gaily wrapped packages containing hand-made creations designed with the recipients preferences in mind.

Bonnie received this lovely velvet chain link necklace from Caroline.

And, Caroline received this signature quilted fabric heart necklace from Bonnie.

Elizabeth received one of Anne's wonderful Altoid tin figures. This one features a very rare tin—which contained cherry flavored Altoids. In turn, Elizabeth gave Anne a wonderfully sculpted black polymer clay raven's head (not shown). Unfortunately, often when it's time to photograph items at the meetings, people have packed things away and started to head home. It's completely understandable, since so many travel long distances to the meetings, and it is quite late at night when we leave.

Jennifer gave this colorful fabric sculpted bird on a nest to Harlene, and in exchange she received a beautiful "stuffed envelope" overflowing with lovely embellishments and ephemeral tags and cards (not shown).

Suzanne and Marjorie exchanged names. Here is the adorable fabric cat nametag that Marjorie made for Suzanne.

And, in perfect coordination, Suzanne created this cute fabric origami nametag for Marjorie. 

Donna had also stated a preference for "small, wearable art" and Linda designed this sweet pin representing a hula dancer.

As Linda's request was also for small wearable art, Donna gave her a Victorian fabric heart pin.

Show and Tell

For show and tell, Colleen impressed us with her latest ceramic designs—colorful hand-painted "quilted boxes" celebrating her other passion in art—quilting, of course.

Harlene brought this flat doll as an example and inspiration for a challenge which will take place in the coming year.

Marcella continues to produce amazing creations during her days at Shirley's mosaic studio. This ball is an eyeball—in perfect time for Halloween?

And, this one has two eyes, which from a distance, some thought looked like an owl. 

Marcella also brought her just completed polymer figure from the Kate Church workshop. Great job, Marcella! 

This tiny cutie is Sally's "traveling doll" similar to the one Barbara takes with her on her trips to Europe. I'm guessing this one traveled with Sally to France recently.

Sue often expresses her love for Hawaii in her art. Using her great skill, she sculpted this lovely lady from polymer clay.

And, she crafted this very beautiful fabric book inspired by Barbara's workshop.  

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