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Friday, February 26, 2016

Workday and Day Meeting in February

Shown above are two completed snakes the Phoebes made to donate to Stitching for Kids.

February 19 was a busy day for Phoebes. The morning started at 10 A.M. with an outreach project—making cloth toys—followed by lunch and a business meeting at 1:00 P.M. At the meeting Gerri explained the workday program, Stitching for Kids, made possible by a group that meets the first Wednesday of every month at the Cotton Patch in Lafayette. They make soft toys, doll clothes and accessories for children who are in hospitals for long stays.  Each girl on the list gets a doll and a wardrobe of outfits and accessories for the doll. The group also makes dinosaurs and snakes, and a roadway with small cars for the boys. So, the Phoebes joined in and created some items to donate to the project (see more photos below).


Calendar Of Events 

February  26-28 (Fri/Sat/Sun), 10-6, Bead and Boutique Arts ShowHilton Concord. $10 entry, parking free. Go to

March 1 thru 31, Phoebe "Tilda Exhibit" at the Castro Valley Library. We are pleased to once again exhibit our dolls in the beautiful glass case at the entrance to this library. Be sure to drop by sometime during the month if you possibly can.

March 11-13 (Fri. 12-6/Sat.10-6/Sun.10-5), Gem FaireAlameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasanton. $7 entry, parking $10.

March 5, Phoebe "Make It and Take It" at the Castro Valley Library. This is a free event for library patrons of all ages to assemble and adorn stump dolls. Contact Diane to volunteer.

March 17, Thursday, Phoebe Meeting6:30 to 9:30 P.M., Alameda Education Building, Hayward. Bring your doll or art piece made from the "noodle" strips of fabric you picked up at the January meeting. Bring a bowl of noodles for yourself for the pasta potluck. Help yourself to the spaghetti sauce provided at the meeting.

April 21 (Thursday, 9 to 4), Laurie Scott Cloth Embellished Necklace Workshop. Many different techniques will be explored. Contact Colleen at colleen.patell@gmail.coto sign up, and send her a check to make sure your space is reserved.

April 21, Thursday, Phoebe Meeting6:30 to 9:30 P.M., Alameda Education Building, Hayward. Pick up a spool for the challenge due in June. Use it to make any type of creative piece.

May 19, Thursday, Phoebe Meeting, 6:30 to 9:30 P.M., Alameda Education Building, Hayward. Dolls for the Petaluma Exhibit will be due.

June 23, Petaluma Doll ExhibitThis is a two-month invitation only and juried exhibit, and we are proud to be invited as a club for the second time. Many internationally known doll makers will exhibiting, as well as conducting workshops. More details to follow. Our dolls will be due at the May meeting.

June 16, Thursday, Phoebe Meeting6:30 to 9:30 P.M., Alameda Education Building, Hayward. Spool Challenge will be due. 

Work-day Photos

Colleen led the sewing group—who had brought their sewing machines and many scraps of fabric—as they created soft toys for the children 

Above are examples of the snakes in progress. And, below are some really cute fish waiting to be stuffed.

Below are examples of the dolls and doll clothes the project creates to give to the girls.

Show and Tell

Rosie brought her doll from the Elenor Peace Bailey workshop. She used an Elenor pattern she already had but had not made before, Suzie Shopper.

 Suzanne also used this pattern, and you will note both dolls have their handbags and are ready to "shop 'til they drop!"

Betts brought some exquisite items from her fabulous collection...many obtained on her numerous trips to Paris.

She also brought lovely creations made from items in her "stash."

Absolutely over-the-top beautiful!!!


Kathy showed off her colorful and expertly sewn quilt.

And Anne brought her notions challenge doll made with snaps, hooks and eyes and  zipper.

Bonnie has been busy making collages and adding her original embellishments.

Harlene created this necklace from wire, which seems like a difficult thing to do. Every stitch is so perfectly even.

Colleen has sewn this amazing "I Spy" baby quilt, with motifs to be used while playing "I Spy" with the little one.

Rosie showed us her skating "Dancing Fool" from the Kate Church workshop. Love those skates!

Above is Linda's "Me,Myself and I" doll from Elenor's workshop. She hasn't sewn on the hands yet, but she has created a lot of possibilities.

  And above is Linda's Pinocchio "Tilda" doll to be displayed at the Castro Valley Library exhibit.

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