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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pamé Rose gave a fascinating "All About Me" presentation
at the May meeting. Here is one of her dolls, made in an Ankie Danon workshop.

Calendar Of Events 
June 6/7 and 13/14, East Bay Open Studios, 11 A.M. to  6 P.M. Stop by Goose Cottage at 1610 Minturn Street in Alameda. Ten artists, including Phoebes Bonnie Hoover, Daisy Kiehn, Sharon Martin, Kelly Mead, Donna Perry, Stephanie Smith and Mary Porter Vaughan will be participating. Come and see their latest creations.

June 18 (Thursday), Phoebe Meeting, 6:30 P.M., Alameda County Office of Education, 313 W. Winton Ave, Hayward, CA. If you have a "Frog Prince" you've made from Bett's pattern, please bring it to this meeting to be included in the August window display at The Book Shop in Hayward. If you got one of Barbara's challenge dress forms to decorate at the last meeting, it should be completed and brought to this meeting. Cigar boxes will be handed out for our next project. A lot is going on...don't miss out!

July 20 (Monday), Sally Lampi Workshop on "The Window,"  9 A.M. at the Alameda Education Building. Contact Stephanie for more information or to sign up.

August, Phoebe "Frog Prince" Exhibit at the Book Shop, on B Street in Hayward.

September 17, Phoebe Meeting, 6:30 P.M., Alameda County Office of Education, 313 W. Winton Ave, Hayward, CA. The year-long Tilda doll challenge will be due at this meeting. You can make more than one if you wish. Contact Sharon Martin at 

November 9 and 10, and November 12 and 13. Two Kate Church Workshops, 2-days each. Class space is limited to 8 people per class. The first class is full, but there are still openings in the second. Contact Daisy at for information.

December, Phoebe Exhibit at the Book Shop, B Street, Hayward. Betts will be in charge. More information later.

January 2016, Phoebe Tilda Doll Exhibit at the Book Shop, B Street, Hayward. Sharon will be in charge.

Special Presentation

Pamé Rose captured our attention with the details of her amazing artistic journey. She started making dolls and sewing for them when she was eight. Over the years, she has taken classes from many well-known doll artists. She even took a class in doll repair and restoration. She's made fabric, porcelain, felt, paper clay, and polymer dolls. Below is a sampling of her talent and imagination, and creativity.

Above and below are more photo's of some of
Pamé's wonderful creations.

The one above is made of paper clay. The dolls below include a composition one she restored (on the left).

The next two photos are of the large flat dolls Pamé is currently making. She has five completed, and when she completes a total of at least ten, she plans to show them in an exhibit. They are approximately 18 or so inches tall, reticulated, and have paper clay faces and embellishments.

Above is a close-up of one of
Pamé's fabulous dolls with paper clay hands and head. Thank you, Pamé, for a fascinating talk. We really enjoyed it.
Alice in Wonderland Exchange

The exchange for the May meeting was to create something using the 5"x7" mat board by using the theme "Alice in Wonderland."  Some people made cards, some made postcards, there was a shadow box—and Suzanne made the Mad Hatter's hat!!!

Show and Tell

Geri brought her wonderful collection of polymer jewelry... many pieces were made by transferring printed graphics and art onto the polymer. Some of the images she incorporated were of her ancestors.

She also brought a fabulous felted necklace, and samples of the pinwheels she is currently making from folded book pages.

Linda made the most adorable "vegie dolls" for her granddaughter. They are made with wooden pegs and felt.

Marjorie showed us the lovely doll she made from a Patti Culea pattern. Nice job!

Sharon has been working on a collection of fabric collage wall hangings for her upcoming and Christmas craft shows. This one is created on a vintage book with folded pages and is embellished with vintage lace and trims.

Tani earned enough points as a volunteer at the Richmond Art Center to take a silkscreen class. Above are samples of the T-shirts she printed using her husband's family's coat of arms. She cleverly got a waterfall effect from a 4-color process by blending the green and yellow on one of the screens.

Zoe completed a journal cover using the puzzle piece from the last challenge. Very nice!

Donna revisited the Altoid challenge by making a shrine for the "Man in the Moon."

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