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Friday, September 19, 2014

A New Year for Phoebes Begins in October

Harlene wowed us at the meeting with her batik vest
and matching yoyo necklace. The vest is adorned with
sparkling little butterflies she painstakingly cut from
another fabric and fused onto the vest. Beautiful!
Calendar of Events for 2014
September 19-21 (Fri., Sat. and Sun), Harvest Festival Art and Craft Show, Alameda County Fairgrounds.

September 26, 27 and 28, Pleasanton Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival, Alameda County Fairgrounds, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.

September 27 (Saturday), Crossroads Doll and Bear Show and Sale, Alameda County Fairgrounds.

October (all month), The Book Shop Window Display, A Halloween treat created by Betts Vidal and Sally Lampi. Be sure to go see it!

October 4 (Saturday), Tinsel and Treasures Craft Show, Veterans Hall, Danville, 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. Phoebe Sharon Martin will be participating. See a sampling of her work in this post under Show and Tell. Don't miss the show!

October 12 (Sunday, 8 to 4), Pleasanton Antique Faire, Veterans Hall, Main Street, Pleasanton. Go to

October 16-18(Thursday (4 to 7), Friday (9 to 6), Saturday (9 to 3), Serendipity, Alamo women's Club, 1401 Danville Blvd, Alamo. Sharon Martin will be participating in this boutique of handmade items. 
October 16, Roxanne Padgett's Surface Design Workshop, 9 A.M., Education Building, Hayward. Contact Stephanie at for details and to sign up.

October 16, Phoebe Monthly Meeting, 6:30 P.M., Alameda County Office of Education, 313 W. Winton, Hayward. Roxanne Padgett will conduct an Enrichment Presentation, which will include a make-it-and-take-it project. Remember to bring your craft supply/tool kit to the meeting! The postcard exchange theme is Egypt. Please participate!

October 16 through 19, Pacific International Quilt Festival, Santa Clara Convention Center. Thursday through Saturday from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M., Sunday 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. Admission $15 ($13 on Sunday).

October 23 through November 16, Altered Barbie Exhibition, Shotwell 50 Studio, San Francisco. Opening Party on Thursday, Oct. 23. Go to Chatter Box Arts International for details.

December 2014, Annual Christmas Window Display at the Book Shop in Hayward. All Phoebes are invited to participate.

September Phoebe Meeting

 The September Phoebe meeting was well attended, and although we were so disappointed that Pame Rose was ill and unable to give her "All About Me" talk, we are wishing her a speedy recovery and hoping to see her return soon.
Sally announced that she and Betts were putting together a window display for The Book Shop in Hayward for the month of October. The theme is, of course, Halloween. Knowing them and their talents, we know it will be amazing and a must-see stop for all of us. They will feature a large witch who is sitting at her dressing table admiring herself. Below is a sampling of one of the many other items these talented ladies with include in their tableau.
This is Sally's polymer sculpted head she has turned into a "pumpkin man."
Post Card Exchange
The theme for the post card exchange this month was China. Four people participated and did an outstanding job on their cards.
Sharon received this beautiful card from Marcella.
Fabulous job, Marcella!

Donna was the proud recipient of Harlene's card.

Marcella recived Sharon's card, which included
two tiny pairs of sandals.

Harlene received this card from Donna.

The Challenge
The last club challenge for 2014 was due at the September 18 meeting. Mary had handed out a small paper bag containing jigsaw puzzle pieces and a small doll. Below are photos of the original solutions to this challenge the members brought to share.
Elizabeth created a beautiful crown from stiffened lace
which she sprayed with glitter. The puzzle pieces
were used to embellish the front.
Marcella used her puzzle pieces to make a card—a homage to Phoebes and their love to gather, craft together,
and inspire each other. Lovely idea!

Marcella also made a coaster for her coffee mug,
incorporating the puzzle shapes.

Mary created a necklace from a length of lace and used the puzzle pieces as charms. She also used them to decorate the top of a small box.

Maudell assembled an amazing piece by first creating the charming bird with pencil legs and puzzle piece feet. A stork! The small doll was adorned with bits of lace and glitz. Great job and so original!

Suzanne was inspired by the current trailer for the upcoming movie Box Trolls, which we are all dying to see. She removed the arms from her doll and attached them to the sides of the box. She attached the puzzle pieces to the front of the box and used a head from another doll to finish her piece. Very cute!

Rosie created earrings and pins from her puzzle pieces. They are embellished with graphics, text, jewels and beads. Love them!

Zoe used her granddaughter's favorite colors in assembling a piece that represents the need for increased awareness in the growing prevalence of autism in children and the dire need for research and development to find solutions to all aspects of autism.
Show and Tell
It's always great to see what other Phoebes are working on. Here are some of the items shared at Show and Tell.
Diane W. brought her plastic bag storage dolls. She makes these for family and friends. They are designed to hang on the wall and make grabbing a plastic bag a simple task. Their faces are absolutely adorable!

Here is a sampling of one of the many, many items
Sharon will have in her Tinsel and Treasures Show
in Danville on October 4. This is an altered book 
with its cover removed and lavishly embellished. 

Another ornament beautifully created by Sharon
for her show. She will have a few Halloween items,
many Christmas items... all of them are exquisitely gorgeous.

Stephanie brought her newest cloth doll. Her dolls
keep getting more adorable all the time. This one is
so dainty and precious.

Donna has taken a little break from yoyo necklaces
and switched to these pendant designs. Her personal
challenge is to just use items from her stash. This one
is made from a graphic printed on fabric, vintage Japanese fabric, and even rubber tubing

Another of Donna's pendants made with small
fabric scraps, a very old tassel, a broken earring,
and some old beads.

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