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Monday, September 30, 2013

October Updates

Let's get into the spirit and wear some Halloween attire to the Phoebe meeting on October 17.
Maybe a hat, maybe a pin, a mask, or maybe a costume...
if you dare!


Pame Rose has taken some time off from work and has immersed
herself in her art. Here are a few of the wonderful collages
she has been working on.

Pame also brought her sculpted clay winged figure.

Bonnie Hoover treated us to her newest flat doll made from
hand quilted fabric.

Suzanne Rudisill made another of her black, white and red cloth
dolls. Such ad cute face and striking costume.

Elizabeth Burchfield brought her latest fabulous creations...
tiny zombie babies!

Diane Willis showed us the bear she reworked by adding a molded clay head.

Sharon Martin has been working hard making beautiful items for the
Tinsel and Treasures Show on October 5 in Danville.

Stephanie Smith made another tiny, adorable cloth doll
with coiled yarn curls.

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