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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An Evening with Roxanne Padgett and Show and Tell From May and June

The May meeting was a very special one in many ways, but the highlight of the evening was the lecture and presentation by former Phoebe Roxanne Padgett, who has just published her new book, Acrylic Techniques in Mixed Media, Layer, Scribble, Stencil, Stamp.
Roxanne Padgett addressing the Phoebes on May 16, 2013.
Roxanne brought tons of examples of her work, including many of the items featured in her book. She lectured on the endless ways to create surface designs on paper and fabric using a basic color palette and items found around the house and from dollar stores or home improvement stores to make stencils and prints. She shared a wealth of knowledge she has learned from an artful life... including experience as an art teacher in public schools and in her work at the Museum of Children's Art in Oakland, CA. Everyone enjoyed her lecture immensely and we were excited to go home and try the techniques we learned from her.

Roxanne brought examples of her layered mixed media papers and canvases.

Her colors and shapes virtually "pop" from the pages.

She brought books, journals, tags and zippered bags covered with
her fabulous designs.

This journal cover featuring a hand design was exceptional.

Her bird with moveable wings and pencil legs was a knock-out.

Roxanne's work has been featured in many publications,
including numerous issues of Somerset Magazine, Sew Somerset, and Stuffed.

A dynamic creation based on the color wheel.
Thank you, Roxanne, for a memorable evening!

Mary Porter Vaughan brought her sculpted Fimo clay doll
to "Show and Tell" for all to admire.

Harlene's cloth doll was so cute.

Mary also brought a doll made using techniques
learned in the Akira Blount workshop.

Several wonderful examples of needle felted dolls from
the Deborah Pope workshop were exhibited—and as you
can see—were truly amazing.

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