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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Photos from the October Phoebe Meeting

Sally and Bonnie checking out the
Phoebe 25th Anniversary cake
The Phoebes celebrated not only their 25th Anniversary, but also the opening of club membership to include more than the historcal number of 25 members. We welcomed the associates who became new members, as well and guests and soon-to-be first time new members. The theme was Halloween, and some got into the mood by wearing costumes and masks. There was a mask exchange and the creations were amazing. Barbara Willis donated one of her beautiful dolls to the raffle, and Sally Lampi donated a darling hand-felted pumpkin. Sally brought materials for a Halloween themed "make it and take it" craft project.
Our Historian Bonnie Hoover gave insight into the early beginnings of the club and provided photos, scrapbooks and mementos from the Phoebe archives. Show and tell participants displayed wonderful creations for all to see—silk and felted scarves, a needle-felted fish, a memory keeper book and tyvek covered book, and dolls, dolls, and more dolls. Dolls for the December "B" Street Bookstore window in Hayward. Altered dolls and dolls from Barbara Willis's class. There was ample time for sampling the food and cake, as well as visiting with and getting to know each other better. A very enjoyable evening.
Zanaib wearing her party hat!
A Flying Phoebe appliqued sweatshirt from the Phoebe archives. The design was from a doll pattern created by elinor peace bailey 25 years ago. 
Bonnie Hoover's Halloween themed doll
and Sally's felted pumpkin.
Barbara Willis's raffle doll

      Katie's altered dolls

Mary Porter Vaughan's sculpted elf doll for the window display
Some of the exchange masks

Colleen's giant felted fish

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