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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Alameda Fair Free "Make It and Take It" Day

On July 9th, the Phoebes held their annual community outreach event at the Alameda County Fair. Always a smashing (free) event, the attendance was (as usual) terrific!

Children, teens, mothers, fathers, and grandparents all joined in the fun and poked through the Phoebe stash to find stump doll bodies and clay faces of their choice, and then proceeded to explore the many piles and bins of possibilities for embellishment.

So many choices... fabrics, fibers, ribbons and trims, feathers, leather, sequins and gems, buttons... the list was endless!

The Phoebes manning the glue gun table were kept busy by a steady stream of dolls in various stages of completion needing more embellishment.

The excitement grew as the individual dolls neared completion.

The new doll makers couldn't believe this was a free event and that they could make as many dolls as they wanted... and then take them home to love and admire.

So many happy faces!

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