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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Akira Blount 5-Day Workshop for Phoebes

Over Memorial Day Weekend 2011, the Phoebes were fortunate to have scheduled internationally famous dollsmaker, Akira Blount, to teach a 5-day workshop. Above is a photo of Tami Levin's fabulous class doll.

Below, Colleen is seen working on one of the many dolls she made at the workshop.

The next photo shows Akira (on the right) demonstrating a technique to Marcella.

Go to to see Akira's fabulous "dolls" which are really works of art. Attendees were taught a variety of techniques, including sculpting faces, using stiffening and draping medium, layering on a gauze "skin," perfecting gusset joints, and incorporating materials from nature. We learned so much and have been busy using our new-found knowledge to make dolls which will be brought to the July meeting for Show and Tell.

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