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Friday, May 17, 2024

A lovely warm and sunny day creating decorated bottles

This is a photo of an embellished bottle Betts made to give to Sue prior to the May meeting. Betts brought buttons to the April meeting and discussed using them as embellishments. When some of the buttons appeared to be misplaced, Sue found them and was rewarded by this thank you gift from Betts. 
 The May meeting was held outside on Marcella's patio and the special activity of the day was the enrichment session. Sue presented examples of decorated bottles and jars she and her granddaughter had finished (shown on last month's blog post), and she shared her knowledge of the many techniques and materials that could be incorporated. Sue, Geri and Donna contributed a huge array of materials to choose from—fabrics, trims, prints, jewels, fancy papers, and more—so, the possibilities are endless. Don't forget to bring your completed bottles to the May meeting so that all of us may admire them! 

June 8 Meeting, (Saturday). We will be meeting at Marcella's. Drop-in social get-together will start at 11:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. Business meeting will start at 1:30 P.M. The enrichment for June has not yet been announced. We may be sewing placemats for Meals on Wheels in either June and/or July. To be determined!

Everyone should have received Bett's information pertaining to the June challenge. We will be creating Scottish "Favours." When a gentleman offered kindness or a heroic deed to someone, they thanked him with a brooch made with a family pin, photo or button, and embellished with striped or plaid ribbons. They are small and could be pinned on a lapel or a tartan. Examples are shown below. Bring your finished items to the June meeting.

Show and Tell

 Kathy made a "Monster Box" as she calls it, which she put in her front yard. She made some tiny dolls to put in it and invited the neighborhood children to do so also. It is changed regularly, and it has been a huge success! The kids love to make their own original creations and see what others have added. It's truly fun for all!

 Jennifer brought this placemat as an example of what we could sew and donate to Meals on Wheels. We are still in the planning stage but hope to be able to find a suitable place to set up multiple sewing machines. Marcella's home is always available. We may make up some kits for those who just want to assemble and sew. Any ideas or fabric and notions donations will be much appreciated.

Geri has been working on pages for a large scrapbook she is assembling. She is using her fabulous die cuts to form pockets and embellishments. It will certainly be beautiful!

Bonnie gets together with her neighborhood craft group on a regular basis. They have new challenges each time they meet. Bonnie's specialty is incorporating buttons in her designs.   
The originality and numbers of button she has made are amazing.
Daisy recently spent two weekends at her annual Girl Scout Jamboree. Each year she spends days making special items for the event, including unique flags for each individual group. This year they were based on different animals found in Africa. Soon the troupes will be visiting the Oakland Zoo and proudly exhibiting their animal flags.

Shawn brought a part of her collection of uniquely shaped bottles and jars. They can be used in a lot of different art projects. 
Colleen brought one of her recent paintings—
it is so colorful and is a great abstract design.  Nice job!
Marcella displayed some little stands she made on which to hang small items or jewelry.
Donna brought a few of her decorated bottles she made in past years. She also brought an interesting jar a granddaughter decorated with polymer clay flowers. 

Monday, April 22, 2024

A Tribute To Our Dear Harlene


Our hearts are broken! Our dear member Harlene has unexpectedly passed away. She will always be in our hearts as we remember her kindness, inspiration, creativity, and generosity in sharing her wonderful talents, including the lovely handmade gifts she gave to us. Her favorite decorative motifs were butterflies, and each time we see one, we will think of her. She also often used them to make exquisite jewelry and decorate the many original vests she designed and wore. We will miss her always. 

May 11 Meeting, (Saturday). We will be meeting at Marcella's. Drop-in social get-together will start at 11:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. Business meeting will start at 1:30 P.M. Sue will be demonstrating how to make decorated glass or plastic bottles or jars, using chalk paint, tissue paper and Mod Podge. Below are samples of possibilities (other examples may be found on last month's blog post). Start gathering together your materials. Check your emails for additional information.

Remembering Harlene

To honor Harlene and express our remembrance, we decided to wear butterflies, vests, or her jewelry at our April meeting, as shown in the following photos.
Suzanne D wore a vest.
Suzanne R wore a Love pin that Harlene made and gave to all of us.
Geri wore a flower pin Harlene gave her.
Sue wore one of Harlene's necklaces. 
Daisy wore a bird pin.
And, Marcella wore a creative vest.
Sharon and her friend Linda conducted this month's enrichment session. They brought a ton of materials, including ephemera, vintage linens, and lace for members to use to decorate a file folder, like the examples shown in last month's blog post.  

There was not enough time to complete them at the meeting, but we will be looking forward to seeing them at next month's meeting.
Show and Tell
 Suzanne R displayed two tiny Deb Shitil pins from last month's enrichment. So tiny and challenging to create from wee pieces of fabric and very small beads. 
 Anne made a larger sized red bird, and assisted with Suzanne's pin, also seen above.
Shawn collected this metal ball, which has different facial expressions on each side and was made in China. An unusual treasure. 
 Suzanne D displayed this quilt she made for her quilting group's "Hot Tamale" challenge. The fabric is a unique print designed by Wranglers jean company.
 Bonnie, and her group of crafters (Sally, Barbara, and Betts) have challenges almost every month. They each have their own media preference, whether it is created on backgrounds of paper or cloth, and entails the use of sewing, gluing or painting artistic designs.
Sometimes they use paper bags to make book covers,
and colorful journal pages.

 This is a decorated box top with a pattern piece, buttons and ribbon, created by Bonnie.
A great example of Sally's painting, stamping, and collage. 
Sally's watercolor painting.
 A combination of painting, stamping and collage by Sally.
 Betts combined two challenges (one called "Better than Prozac" to exemplify the calming effect of creating art, and one using a paper bag). The result was a die-cut flat doll created on a paper bag who is shown peeking through a window, waiting for her Door Dash delivery from Taco Bell. lol 
Barbara brought a copy of Ali Fergusons book Cloth Stories. It is a magical tour of old fabrics, stories of heart and home, and dreams and memories, all stitched together in bits of old cloth. 
It is a must have for any of you of like mind and those who desire an inspiration to play!
Caroline exhibited one of her wonderful cross strap bags and a tiny Shitil-like pin, which incorporates fabric with a Golden State Warriors logo. She has used the same fabric to make small wallets like the ones below, which she has been selling to her Warrior fan friends. 
Caroline's daughter, Jennifer, sewed the blue floral wallet above, and received the other one in a quilting exchange.
Caroline cut out and sewed together a number of these cloth baskets for a recent event at her church. A nice keepsake for the recipients. 
 Marcella displayed this colorful "Harlene" envelope. 
 Daisy has been busy once again, making flags for a coming Girl Scout gathering. 
 They are created on paper towel tubes and based on African animals. 
Sharon's friend Linda, who helped Sharon with the enrichment session, also displayed a wonderful cigar box she has recently decorated. This photo shows the intricate collage on the top. I hope she will consider leading us in an enrichment session so that we may make some for ourselves. 
Suzanne R shared this photo taken at the Cotton Patch fabric store in Lafayette. These ladies have been making exquisite wardrobes and accessories for dolls for many years. Twice a year, in April and October, they gather to box up their creations and send them, along with a doll, to young girls in hospitals. Phoebes Suzanne and Rosie in particular have contributed time and energy, and the Phoebes club has donated funds. 

The following note was written by Harlene and accompanied the butterflies she made and gave to us. Bless you!